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This site was created for the express purpose of bringing together and highlighting the top gun dog breeds and breeders across the country and by promoting the ethical sport of using true hunting breeds to pursue game. Anyone who operates a legitimate kennel of any hunting breed is welcome to participate in this website.

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K&A Beagles

The gun hunters website. There is a beagles forum,video clips,details of my hounds, friends hounds, for sale page, Photo gallery, we also have a starting pen.CHECK OUT THE VIDEO'S TO SEE REAL RABBIT HOUND IN ACTION!!!!

Rank Site In Out
1 Carolina Shadowtails Squirrel Club
0 66

The Carolina Shadowtails squirrel Club was founded by a small coalition of Mountain Feist Dog enthusiasts in Rockingham, NC.
2 ATJ Squirrel Dog Kennels
44 65

We raise and train American Treeing Feist for pleasure and competition squirrel hunting. Our feist are from a long line of tree dogs. Our feist are natural, hard hunting, get treed, stay put squirrel dogs.
3 Shadowtail Kennels
0 53

We are proud hunters of Appalachian Mountain Feist Squirrel Dogs. Our Appalachian Mountain Feist are bred for ability, not for profit. We only place our dogs in the hands of HUNTERS who will help them realize their full potential.
4 Greytails Mountain Feist Squirrel dogs
0 49

Home of the Buckley Mountain Feist Squirrel dogs.

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5 Traditional Working Airedales
3 42

Hunting Airedale Terriers in the traditions of the breed founders, The Traditional Working Airedale "Full Cry Magazine" column & Hunting With Airedales Blog, Traditional Working Airedale forum, http://traditionalairedale.proboards.com/
6 Croyle's High Stakes Kennels
0 40

OMC small and large game hunting dogs. squirrel & coon hunting
7 Pumpkin Swamp Kennels
0 39

Here at Pumpkin Swamp Kennels we have 2 different lines of squirrel dogs. The Champ bred feist which are great meat dogs and comp dogs. The sport bred feist with William bud mixed in which also make great meat dogs and comp. Dogs.
8 Mountain State Kennels
0 34

Original Mountain Cur from the Hills of West Virginia.
9 White Oak Kennels
0 33

Breeding High Quality Fiest for 18 years for pleasure and competition
10 eaglebluffkennels.com
0 32

www.eaglebluffkennels.com I raise and train mt. Feist
11 Treeluke Kennels
0 32

Original Mountain Curs
12 Piney Mountain Curs
0 29

Introduces our Mountain Cur Kennel along with our dogs and/or puppies available with pictures, history of Curs
13 Dead Zone Kennel
0 27

Our Kennel is located on the Cumberland Plateau in Crossville, TN. Here at Dead Zone Kennel our primary goal is to preserve the Original Mt. Curs that we love to hunt.
14 Creekside's Mt Feist
0 27

All of our Mt. Feist are from hunting lines that have proven what they will do in the woods.
15 Baisden's Big Bad Feist Kennel
0 27

All my feist are out of the Grayson line mostly Cadillac Jack.
16 Red River Decker Hunting Terriers
0 26

I am a breeder of Decker Hunting Terriers in Texas. I am striving to breed the best hunting and wonderful companion Deckers that I can.
17 Woodsmans Mountain Curs
5 25

Woodsmans Mountain Curs multi-purpose game dogs!
18 Westbrook Mountain Feist
0 23

We raise and hunt Old Time Mountain Feist. We strive to preserve the natural hunt in the dog.
19 Lost Mountain Kennels
0 23

We raise a few pups on a very limited basis. Our bloodlines consist of a dog called Stubby, I acquired in the year of 1992. I line bred some of his offspring and I still have some of his bloodline today. We also have Cadillac Jack and Knipps Tucker in our
20 Hidden Spring Farm and Kennels
0 23

Squirrel hunting with Original Mt Curs
21 Pine River Kennel
0 23

You will see some of my L.H. Ladenr Yellow Blackmouth Cur's, and links to other people that have Ladner Blackmouth Cur's
22 Phoenix Squirrel Dogs
0 23

We raise mountain feist squirrel dogs and Phoenix Feist. Our lines include Galla Creek, Buckley, and McAndrew's mountain feist squirrel dogs. Our site is for promoting hunting with squirrel dogs and to share our hunts and offer pups and dogs for sale.
23 Crooked Creek Kennels
0 23

My kennel is located in Jamestown TN home of the OMCBA. I love to hunt and watch young dogs mature and do what they were bred to do. I do enjoy competition hunts and have made many friends at them. To me, the best part of the hunts are watching all the
24 Gill's Oil Creek Kennels
7 21

We breed, raise and train Original Mountain Curs. We are proud to own and offer dogs off the Hummer's 20/20 line here at Gill's Oil Creek Kennels. Contact us for some dog talk or come by for a hunt or just a visit.
0 21

Home of America's Finest English Redtick Coonhounds
26 dorchesterkennels
0 19

squirrel & coon hunting
27 http://www.circlerkennel.com/
0 19

My site is about Feist Squirrel dogs and my blood line shows and tells all about how the Hy Style Cadillac Jack blood line began from my kennel.
28 Faragohunters Jagdterrier Kennel Hungary (FCI 664/08)
0 18

We breed hunting dogs which are hard and excellent in ground and undreground working as well!
29 Tree Time Kennels
0 17

Hunting Original Mountain Curs For Squirrel and Coon.
30 Decker's Hunting Terriers
0 17

Decker's Hunting Terriers is a small breeder of Decker Hunting Terriers. Our goal is to breed dogs that have loads of hunt, always keeping in mind temperament, intelligence, agility, size and looks. All dogs are hunted before they are bred.
31 curtladnerblackmouthcurs.com
0 17

Ladner Black Mouth Curs
32 Laneline Hunting Beagles
0 17

A great site to study and learn about the "Hunting Beagle" in general.

Our hounds are Dingus MacRae & Yellow Creek with Indian Hills & Gay Baker influences.

We Have 3 Males At Stud.
0 17

WEAPON X KENNELS breeder of working Patterdale Terriers.Our Patterdales are bred to hunt anything-Racoon,bobcat,nutria,wild pig,badger....When only the toughest little terrier will do!
34 Timber Chopper Kennels
0 16

Timber Chopper Kennels is proud to breed, raise, hunt, and care for genuine Redbone Coonhouse from the award-winning Timber Chopper Bloodline. These incridible dogs excel at coon hunting and beer hunting and make excellent family companions.
35 J&J Patterdale Terriers
0 16

A Site dedicated to hunting with working dogs,and preserving the Patterdale/Fell Terrier as it was intended to be.
36 Decker Hunting Terrier Registry
0 15

The Decker Hunting Terrier Registry's mission is to advance and improve the Decker Hunting Terrier so that future generations can enjoy this fine hunting companion.
37 TreeDawg.com
0 14

TreeDawg.com is a site dedicated to hunters that enjoy hunting with TreeDawgs. Our site has several pages of information which include Kennel Links, Equipment Supplier Links, Dog Registry Links, Forums, an Online Pedigree System and much more.
38 Snake River Drahthaars
0 14

VDD registered Drahthaars
39 K&A Beagles
0 14

The gun hunters website. There is a beagles forum,video clips,details of my hounds, friends hounds, for sale page, Photo gallery, we also have a starting pen.CHECK OUT THE VIDEO'S TO SEE REAL RABBIT HOUND IN ACTION!!!!
40 Callaway Kennel
0 13

Hunting Ladner Blackmouth Curs on Squirrel and Coon in Virginia.
41 Copperhead Hill Beagles
0 12

AKC registered beagles bred along proven Field Champion lines. Top quality rabbit dogs for hunting/field trialing.
42 Hundream Kennel Jagdterrier Australia
0 12

Hundream Kennel - Queensland Australia - hunting jagdterriers - Serbian Hungarian German bloodlines
43 vom Gänsehimmel Kennel
0 11

Deutsch Kurzhaar 's for the hunter in all of us
44 Ruff-N-Rowdy Kennels
3 11

Hunting the hills of West Virginia trusting in God and hunting behind Mountain Curs. Check out our website for more details of our Faith, Family, and our line of Mountain Curs.
45 Millennium Magic Plotts
1 9

Breeding, raising, training Plott hounds for competition hunting. Home of the iconic and legendary GrNtCh Millennium Magic Gravedigger!
46 Blazing Sun Kennel
0 8
Top quality Rat Terriers for hunt, show, performance & pets. Our dogs are proven in the field and in the show ring. Health tested & DNA Profiled for the integrity of the breed. We are located in Northern Utah.
47 cypress creek kennels
0 8
Louisiana Atomic Feist
48 BB Flatwood Catahoulas
0 7

Nalc Reg Show and Working Catahoulas
Our goal is to preserve the work in a working dog with conformation and correct temperament
49 De Los Polleo Dogo Argentinos
0 6

Working Dogo Argentinos dedicated to preserving the creator's dream. Keeping funtion, form and temperament by breeding Dogos within the standard and making sure our Dogos have the hunting attributes they were bred for.
50 Theunis Botha Big Game Hounds
0 6

Theunis Botha Big Game Hound Kennels have been known for their excellence in breeding, working dogs, renowned for their cold trailing ability and tenacity.Hunting dogs and Hounds selected from the worlds leading breeders and bloodlines for ability, makes

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